Publication Ethic

All participants in the publication of THE LOGICAL FORESIGHT – Journal For Logic and Science sign a statement that they are familiar with the content of the professional code of ethics adopted by the journal's editorial members.

Statement of professional ethical codes is a statement of the ethical codes of all parties involved in the process of publication of this scientific journal (Editors, Peer-reviewers, and Authors).

In general, the publication ethics of THE LOGICAL FORESIGHT – Journal For Logic and Science to (1) the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) about the Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editor and (2) The Code of the Ethics in Science based on the document entitled ‘The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity’, which, was pronnounced by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and All European Academies (ALLEA) as the model for national codes in European Union countries.

Essentially, the code of ethics itself upholds values of ethics in scientific research process and process of publications, namely:

  1. Academic freedom
  2. Self-direction
  3. Self-regulation
  4. Neutrality (free from conflicts of interest in public management),
  5. Justice (giving the right of authorship to the beneficiary as the author), and
  6. Honesty (free from duplication, falsification, and plagiarism) in the publication.